Diaspora Car Hire: A new car rental company in Zimbabwe

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27th March 2019

Diaspora Car Hire: A new car rental company in Zimbabwe


Zimbabwe Diaspora Organization has extended its operations to include a new service Diaspora Car Hire.

The service seeks to address the hustles and headaches of transport for people visiting Zimbabwe from the diaspora at any given time of the year.

Not only is the service available to the diaspora community visiting Zimbabwe but it is also open to locals.

“As Zimbabwe Diaspora we are pleased to announce the introduction of Diaspora Car, a service that seek to address transport issues within a short space of time for both people visiting Zimbabwe and locals,” said Blessed Kapesa, the owner.

The Diaspora Car offer a wide range of cars depending on what the client prefers and budget.

The range of small Cars to busses meant for group tours. Include cars on

The Diaspora cars offers such services at reasonable prices, starting from as low as $25

The Diaspora Car is not only serving as a solution to the transports challenge but it is also business opportunity for local as they can loan out their cars to ZIDO.

One of the beneficiaries of this scheme Goddy Manynga is grateful to the offer that he received from ZIDO and has already managed to expand his fleet of cars while at the same time he has started up his own small business.

“Diaspora Car Hire has been an amazing business venture ” said Mr Manyonga.

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